Consultation Services

Let's talk about it!

For Dog Guardians

Peeing in the house? Chewing up chair legs and pillows? Jumping on people? Dragging you down the street on walks? Too scared to come out of the crate or walk down the street?  Afraid at the vet?


Whatever challenges you are facing with your pup, we’re here to help you — no matter where you live. Our online training and behavior consultations start with a 60-minute video chat to learn about your dog, diagnose the problem, and figure out the next steps. We will then continue working with you online to help you and your dog enjoy a happier life together.

For Professionals

Are you working on a case that you can’t seem to resolve? Is your client stuck on a plateau or regressing back? 


We can help!


Sometimes it takes an outside eye or a new approach to identify and resolve challenges that stand in your way. At The Learned Dog, we help you understand how to strengthen your training methods and work with you to create customized training plans to give you the most efficient path to resolving behavior problems and teaching new skills.