Jean is my mentor and as such, she changed my life.  I could never thank her enough.

Jean is the founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers, a world-leading, advanced program for dog trainers.  And she’s not only a teacher and mentor to all her students and graduates; she’s also a motherly figure, a caring friend and most definitely a guide to us all.  The Academy is one amazing family and I am very proud to be part of it.

Malena is also my teacher and one of the most compassionate persons I’ve ever met.

After graduating from The Academy, Malena specialised in training Separation Anxiety and now shares her knowledge by helping dogs who suffer from it and by forming other trainers to work on this condition.  Malena is educated and experienced but most importantly, she has a heart of gold and is totally devoted to those dogs. 

Simonne is a good friend and never ceases to impress me.

Simonne is the founder and owner of De Main De Maitre, a training company offering multiple services from group classes to private consultations on all behavioural issues and even offering online courses!  She’s young, dedicated and an awesome trainer.  I’m so proud of her and truly happy to have been part of her story.

Sylvie is also a good friend and one of the most generous person I know.

Sylvie created La Ressource Animale, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is, inter alia, to promote education about dog’s communication and safety, especially with children, and to make such education accessible to all.  Sylvie is empathetic, loving and offers a wonderful resource to the community.  She has also been an integral part in creating my new website and without her, it would simply not be.

Tracy is my hero in so many ways, but mainly, she is a pure example of what commitment can achieve.


Committed to help owners understanding their dogs, Tracy founded iSpeakDog, an organization devoted to educating people on how to read dogs’ body language in order to understand their emotional state as well as to learn why dogs do what they do.  Tracy is also a great writer and has written some pages for my website.  I’m truly lucky to have gotten the chance to know her and cannot wait to see whatever else she will achieve.

Chantal is an amazing talented photographer and such a sweet person.

Chantal is a Montreal based pet photographer specializing in lifestyle cat and dog portraits.  With her background in photojournalism and magazine art direction, she offers a unique service to take candid portraits of your beloved family pet in a natural environment.  Chantal is patient, loving and caring to all her little subjects and their humans and I am blessed to have had her take all pictures for the website.