Together, we can do it!

Our promise is that we will never use pain, fear or anything aversive to motivate and train your dog.


It will always be pleasant and fun, and at the dog’s pace to ensure that whatever is fearful or stressful to him no longer be.





Chewed up door frames and rugs? Complaints from neighbors about your dog barking and howling all day? Accidents on the carpet and on the couch? Are you tired of worrying about your dog when you leave the house? Are you exhausted from the weight of the guilt you feel when you turn the deadbolt?


There is good news: separation anxiety is treatable.


With their sweet eyes, fluffy soft fur, and deliciously awkward movements, how can you not love puppies? But underneath all that cuteness is a thinking and feeling being who needs guidance to learn to live happily and politely in our human world.


At The Learned Dog, our aim is to help you teach your dog to feel joyful and confident, and that the world is safe.


For Pups Parents & Professionals 

Your dog is peeing in the house? Jumping on people? Too scared to come out of the crate maybe?

You are a professional and having a hard time with a specific case? Writing the plan? Something else?


No matter where you live, we can help!


You adopted a dog from a rescue less than 30 days ago ?



What You Should Know

About Dog Training

There are no circumstances that would ever make hitting a dog appropriate in training or behaviour modification.


​Dog training is UNREGULATED.There are no standards of care or minimum education requirements.


ASK any prospective trainer:"What exactly will happen to my dog when he gets it right?  What exactly will happen to him when he gets it wrong? Are there any less invasive alternatives to what you propose?"


​If you don't get CLEAR, CONCRETE ANSWERS, keep shopping.


​~Jean Donaldson

The Academy for Dog Trainers

Unfortunately, as we stand, the profession of pet training is not regulated or governed by any association whatsoever. Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer, often without any qualification, knowledge or even basic understanding of what a dog truly is.  The consequences are often disastrous, both for the dog and his human companion.  Owners have to be made aware of this and should not take for granted that the trainer whose services they retain knows what he is doing.  One should not be afraid to ask questions and the trainer should always be transparent in explaining how he will motivate your dog.  If not, it would be like not knowing that you are about to have a tooth extracted by a mechanic.