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Paolo & BAGEL

We were given a timely and logical program to work through that satisfied both our dog's needs and our schedules.


After 3 months of rehabilitation, Lyly now manages to stay alone for 8 hours, all peacefully sleeping on the sofa or in my bed. We built her a stable starting routine, starting with a 30 minutes run to burn her energy. Thanks to the desensitization, my dog is much more serene when I leave, thanks to the team!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and Lyly's.



I have been working with Claudine for solving the anxiety problems of my dear Macy who experienced intense panic attacks when left alone. With her precious help and expertise, I am happy to say that today, my dog is panic free when left alone!

NATHALIE KowalSki & AnnE-ValEntinE SovEt, unE fillE parmi lES louvEttES, BELGIUM

We had the opportunity to be coached by Claudine via videoconference from Belgium, in the context of a separation anxiety case from one of our clients.

With all her expertise, Claudine helped us shed light on the complex elements inherent in all cases of separation anxiety and gave us the necessary boost to best help our client.

Claudine is a committed and caring person who puts the well-being of the animal before everything else and who encourages us to find creative solutions, while respecting the dog's individuality.


FranÇoiSE Martin, LES ArCanE d'HErmES, FranCE

Beyond Claudine's  immense knowledge and expertise, lies a desire to give and share with passion, which transpires through this incredible smile and “joie de vivre”.

A rare encounter as I love living them so much.

SimonnE Raffa, ÉVOLUTION CANINE, Canada

I had the chance to attend the seminar on separation anxiety given by Claudine in the fall of 2019. In my opinion, this is a seminar that all professionals should have in order to better understand and apply protocols for fearful, stressed and anxious dogs.


VinCianE DE BruynE, Teaming Up ÉDUCATION CANINE, SwitzErland

Claudine is as expert as she is kind in her methodology and her approach to training. As a dog behavior practitioner myself, I really appreciate her teachings, and each of her advice is invaluable when I consult with her on a case.

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